Misc Civil Disputes

Humphreys v. Humpreys

Domestic Relations: Motion to Set Aside for Improper Service Case: Humphreys v. Humphreys, 2006 Synopsis: The sole material issue in the case was whether adequate service of process was effected on Respondent in the dissolution proceeding. Judge Rasmussen determined that even if substituted service was invalid, the facts denote service of process “in a manner reasonably

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Christianson v. State

Age Discrimination Case: Christianson v. State, 2009 WL 8405254 Synopsis: Plaintiff applied for a job on two different occasions with defendant and on both occasions was not illegible. This led Plaintiff to bring an age discrimination claim. Judge Rasmussen held that Defendant did not discriminate against Plaintiff due to her age.

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Fraser v. Valley Energy Investment Fund

Attorney’s Fees Case: Fraser v. Valley Energy Inv. Fund U.S., L.P., 2010 WL 6761061 Synopsis: This matter came before the Court upon Defendants’ “Petitions for Attorney Fees and Costs of Defendants Vulcan Power Company, Vulcan Investment Holdings LLC and Valley Energy Investment Fund U.S., L.P.” Judge Rasmussen awarded a portion of the requested attorney’s fees to

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