Types of Cases


Judge Rasmussen has handled tort disputes as a lawyer and a judge for over 35 years. He has resolved hundreds and hundreds of tort disputes including professional malpractice, ELA, MVA, premises liability, business related torts and insurance coverage related to these. He has tried and settled many medical malpractice cases and countless other tort matters.

Construction Disputes

Judge Rasmussen was assigned he Hyundai Consolidated Construction Litigation in Lane County on his first day on the job as a Circuit Judge in 1999. He managed this $350 million complex construction litigation dispute through its many and varied stages over the next several years to successful completion.

He has handled many construction design, defect, lien, and construction related insurance coverage disputes as both a trial judge and a settlement judge.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Judge Rasmussen has mediated as well as tried dozens of insurance coverage disputes. Whether in the context of tort, business, or construction disputes, Judge Rasmussen’s experience as a settlement judge, a trial judge, and as an Adjunct Professor of Law at the UO Law School where he teaches Insurance Law, his experience in matters related to insurance is broad and deep.

Commercial and Business Law

Whether dissolutions of partnerships or other business entities, or shareholder derivative lawsuits, or other business and commercial disputes, Judge Rasmussen has decades of experience helping parties resolve business and commercial litigation.

High Asset Domestic Relations Disputes

High Asset divorces are among the most emotionally charged cases because they involve both the emotions of a divorcing couple and the reality of a business dissolution all in one. An experienced hand and a no nonsense voice can help the parties move through this difficult transition.

Employment Disputes

Employment disputes are highly charged and Judge Rasmussen’s calm hand can help both parties come to a realistic resolution.