Before the scheduled mediation, I will send you (and your client) a DocuSign email with the Agreement to Mediate and the Mediator Fee Agreement for electronic signatures.  These are separate documents requiring different signatures.  I set the signing order and you do not need to forward this document.  In fact, please don’t.  If your client or other representative will be appearing remotely from you then I will send the documents directly to that person once you provide me with an email address.  If that person will be appearing with you from your office, I will use your email address for that person’s DocuSign email.  Don’t be confused by this as you may get two emails from me which look similar but are not.

Once everyone has signed the documents, everyone receives a fully executed copy of the documents.

NOTE: Any person not represented by an attorney is encouraged to consult with an attorney, before, during, and after the mediation session and before finalizing any agreement, regarding legal rights and obligations. The parties acknowledge that the mediator is not giving legal advice.


Agreement to Mediate

Agreement to Mediate (Fillable)

Mediator Fee Agreement

Memorandum of Settlement (PI)

Memorandum of Settlement (general)