L.H. Morries Electric Inc. v. Hyundai Semiconductor Am. Inc.

Complex Construction Dispute

Case: L.H. Morris Elec., Inc. v. Hyundai Semiconductor Am., Inc., 203 Or. App. 54, 125 P.3d 1 (2005).

Synopsis: This was a complex construction dispute in which a subcontractor brought a breach of contract, quantum meruit, and construction lien claims against semiconductor manufacturer and manufacturer’s construction agent.
After subcontractor’s contract and quantum meruit claims had been arbitrated, Judge Rasmussen confirmed the $3 million award, dismissed subcontractor’s lien claim, and granted construction agent’s motion for attorney fees. Subcontractor appealed, and the Oregon Court of Appeals remanded to recalculate the prejudgment interest and otherwise affirmed Judge Rasmussen’s determination.

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